Idaho Department of Water Resources
Identifying, Assessing, Prioritizing and Implementing Water Transactions in the Upper Salmon and Teton River Basins (ID)
Identify, assess, prioritize, and implement new water transactions in the Upper Salmon and Teton River Basins. Project will improve tributary flows for the benefit of Snake River Spring/Summer-run Chinook salmon, Snake River steelhead, and native trout populations.

Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Improving Big Game Migration across US-95 in the Panhandle Complex Priority Area (ID)
Improve habitat connectivity for big game species in north Idaho’s Panhandle Complex Priority Area where a busy two-lane highway (US-95) transects the valley, impeding wildlife movement. Project will improve big game passage success rates across US-95 from an average of 162 to at least 500 crossings per year and reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions by repairing and extending 2.8 miles of wildlife funnel fencing along wildlife crossing infrastructure.

Nez Perce Tribe
Increase Flow Restoration Efforts in the Nez Perce Tribal Geographies (ID, OR, WA)
Increase flow restoration efforts in the Nez Perce tribal geographies. Project will increase tribal capacity to coordinate with other groups developing water transactions within the broad geography of ceded lands, and also enable the Tribe to propose transactions uniquely linked to tribal relationships, tribal treaty rights, and tribal sovereignty.

Sustainable Northwest
Building a Regenerative Ranching Economy in the West (ID, NV, OR)
Launch and enroll producers in a voluntary regenerative ranching program across Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada to provide customized regenerative management plans, technical assistance and establish baseline data and monitoring for each ranch to measure impacts. Project will implement regenerative ranching practices to benefit core sage grouse habitat, soil health, carbon sequestration and water conservation.