Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
Restoring and Improving Pollinator Habitat Through Iowa Butterfly Flyways (IA)
Restore and improve pollinator habitat for the monarch butterfly, rusty patched bumble bee, and other pollinators on federal, state, and protected lands in Iowa. Project will improve 1,000 acres, restore 742 acres, and propagate 3,000 milkweed seedlings.

National Audubon Society
Improving Grazing Practices to Benefit Grassland Birds  (IA, MO, WI)
Increase capacity for the Audubon Conservation Ranching program to accelerate voluntary adoption of managed grazing practices to benefit birds, biodiversity, and soil health on working lands in Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. Project will improve grazing practices across 12,590 acres to benefit wildlife of tallgrass prairie ecosystems including focal grassland birds such as the bobolink, Henslow’s sparrow, and upland sandpiper.

Practical Farmers of Iowa
Coordinating Cover Crop Adoption to Conserve Natural Resources in Iowa
Coordinate technical and financial support to help farmers increase the adoption of cover crops in corn, soybean and wheat systems across Iowa. Project will support the adoption of cover crops on 225,000 acres to enhance soil health, improve water resources, and provide benefit to wildlife while providing economic benefits to participating farmers.

Practical Farmers of Iowa
Providing Technical Assistance to Promote Adoption of Grazing Conservation Practices (IA)
Provide outreach, education, and technical assistance through a range of farmer-led on-farm events, virtual events, and direct one-on-ones to producers to overcome social and technical barriers to conservation adoption across Iowa. Project will accelerate the implementation of managed grazing across 15,000 acres and adoption of wildlife conservation practices.