Ducks Unlimited
Improving Pollinator Habitat in the Playa Region Through Technical Assistance (KS)
Support two landowner-focused staff positions that provide technical assistance for restoration and enhancement practices that benefit monarch butterflies and other pollinators on private working lands in the playa region of western Kansas. Project will restore 2,760 acres, improve 500 acres, develop 20 conservation plans, host 3 workshops, and engage 90 people.

Ducks Unlimited
Kansas Wetland Conservation Initiative
Provide technical assistance to private landowners to maximize the benefits of Farm Bill and other conservation programs on working lands in central and western Kansas. Project will facilitate delivery of wetland, grassland, and cropland conservation programs on private lands in this landscape.

Emporia State University
Restore and Assess Impacts of Riparian Prairie Restoration (KS)
Restore a quarter mile of prairie riparian area by replanting native riparian species and removing excess sediments in the Neosho River caused by erosion. Project will address stream degradation issues by improving habitats for stream dwelling organisms, providing diverse habitat resources while mitigating pollutants, while also providing an opportunity for hands-on conservation experience for community members.

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Iowa Tribe Conservation Partnership Program (KS, NE)
Provide a series of educational events, conservation planning, and technical assistance to the agricultural producers of the Iowa Reservation and surrounding communities. Project will expand regenerative agriculture strategies that ensure a lasting impact on soil health, water conservation and quality, and carbon storage and sequestration.

Kansas Association of Conservation Districts
Coordinating Cover Crop Adoption and Peer Networks to Conserve Natural Resources in Kansas
Coordinate technical and financial support and develop Farmer-to-Farmer Peer Networks to help farmers increase the adoption of cover crops in corn, soybean and wheat systems throughout Kansas. Project will support the adoption of cover crops on 300,000 acres to enhance soil health, improve water resources, and provide benefit to wildlife while providing economic benefits to participating farmers.

Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition
Increasing Capacity to Deliver Grassland Conservation on Private, Working Ranches (KS)
Increase capacity for a local, community-based conservation collaborative to regenerate Kansas’ grazing lands through landowner agreements that address grassland restoration via native grass planting, invasive species control, grazing management and appropriate use of prescribed fire. Project will enhance 16,500 acres of native prairie on private, working ranches improve grassland health, support biodiversity and increase carbon sequestration to improve climate resilience.

The Nature Conservancy
Grassland Conservation to Catalyze Regional Adoption of Climate-Resilient Practices (KS)
Launch a scalable model for grassland “stronghold” development in western Kansas, to achieve long-term voluntary conservation of high-quality habitat in large enough blocks to sustain ecological function, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and climate resilience over time. Project will build upon private and public partnerships with local producers to improve on 11,000 acres of working ranches.

Thrive Allen County
Elm Creek Invasive Species Cleanup (KS)
Restore riparian area along Elm Creek watershed in the south of Iola, Kansas through the removal of invasive species and implementation of water quality monitoring. Project will nurture community environmental education and enhance native habitat and biodiversity by reducing moisture stress on existing critical species.