American Conservation Experience
Advancing Shortleaf Pine and White Oak Restoration on Public and Private Lands (KY)
Provide landowner technical assistance and forest habitat restoration on public and private lands in southern Kentucky. Project will deploy three conservation crews on the Daniel Boone National Forest and seek to pilot efforts on private lands to assist the Natural Resources Conservation Service with implementation of restoration practices.

Cumberland River Compact
Restoring Abandoned and Legacy Mine Lands in the Cumberland River Basin (KY, TN)
Engage private landowners to restore forest habitat on abandoned and legacy coal mine sites in the Cumberland River Basin in Kentucky and Tennessee. Project will implement restoration practices developed by the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative, resulting in restored riparian buffers, improved steam habitat, and the establishment of bird and pollinator habitats.

Ducks Unlimited
Implementing Farm Bill Programs to Benefit Wetlands Along Mississippi River (MO, IL, KY)
Implement Farm Bill conservation programs with private landowners within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley of southeast Missouri, southwest Illinois, and western Kentucky. Project will engage a minimum of 250 landowners to restore or enhance more than 2,300 acres of wetland habitat, benefiting swamp rabbit, waterfowl and songbirds including the Kentucky warbler.

Green Forests Work
Restoring Shortleaf Pine and Upland Oak Forests on Legacy Mine Lands in the Cumberland Plateau (KY)
Restore shortleaf pine-upland oak forest types on a former mine site in the Cumberland Plateau region of Kentucky. Project will address priority goals associated with both the Shortleaf Pine Restoration Initiative and the White Oak Initiative of decompacting soil, removing invasive species, planting native species, and restoring shortleaf pine/oak habitat benefiting northern bobwhite, wild turkey and other game and non-game species.

Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves
Restoring Pine/Oak Barrens and Building a Conservation Workforce in Kentucky
Restore 2,200 acres of imperiled pine barrens and forested riparian habitats on public and private lands in eastern Kentucky, benefiting long-eared owl, Indiana bat, and other forest-dependent species. Project will implement prescribed burning, invasive species removal and other restoration treatments and collaborate with local universities, including historically black colleges and universities, to expand an internship program and provide hands-on restoration experience for students.

Shakertown at Pleasant Hill Kentucky
Shaker Pond Drainage Area Restoration (KY)
Improve habitat through the removal of invasive plants and replanting of native species selected to support birds and pollinators across 20 acres of upland habitat in headwaters of the Kentucky River. Project will enhance environmental educational programming for students and will focus on helping students understand what a watershed is, how pollutants are introduced and travel through it, and how to use best management practices to mitigate pollution and restore riparian areas.