American Forest Foundation
Engaging Landowners in Longleaf Restoration to Benefit At-Risk and Listed Species (FL, LA, MS)
Restore and maintain longleaf pine forests in Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi to benefit populations of at-risk and listed species, such as gopher tortoise, southern hognose snake, and red-cockaded woodpecker. Project will provide technical and financial assistance to restore or maintain more than 1,100 acres of longleaf pine habitat and secure long-term agreements with family forest owners to provide access to the land for monitoring the effects of these activities on species populations.

Forest Landowners Association
Engaging Large-Scale Landowners for Longleaf Pine Restoration (Multiple States)
Establish 2,500 acres of longleaf pine and improve 5,500 acres of existing longleaf forest with prescribed fire on large-acreage private lands within the historical longleaf pine range. Project will address barriers to restoring longleaf pine on large-acreage private lands by building trust among stakeholders to achieve collaborative conservation for at-risk and listed species, and providing technical and financial assistance to support planting and management of longleaf pine.

Coordinating American Oystercatcher Recovery and Conservation along the Atlantic Coast (multiple states)
Coordinate the American Oystercatcher recovery initiative, conduct a range-wide aerial survey to count all wintering oystercatchers along the Southeast Atlantic and Gulf coasts (United States), and reduce the impact of predators and human disturbance on populations of coastal breeding shorebirds. Project will support the goals of the Atlantic Flyway Business Plan by creating a framework for long-term protection, restoration, and creation of shorebird habitat at key sites.

Mississippi River Trust
Restoring Bottomland Hardwood Wetland Habitat in the Lower Mississippi River Floodplain (AR, MS, LA)
Work with private landowners to reforest and protect 2,000 acres of frequently flooded, mostly cleared land through the adoption of Natural Resources Conservation Service Wetland Reserve Easements in the active floodplain of the Lower Mississippi River. Project will expand and enhance habitat for the Louisiana black bear, swamp rabbit, forest-dwelling birds, waterfowl, and freshwater fish; improve water quality in the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico; and increase carbon sequestration.

Restoration of Keegan Bayou and Bayou Auguste in East Biloxi (MS)
Conduct site assessments of Keegan Bayou and Bayou Auguste and develop preliminary designs for nature-based restoration, while educating and training community leaders and youth in East Biloxi to engage with environmental actions through bayou restoration. Project will develop designs for restoration sites that improve stormwater management and coastal resilience, as well as the establishment of long-term community education programs in the neighborhood.

The Nature Conservancy
Longleaf Restoration, Enhancement and Management in the Mississippi and Louisiana
Restore longleaf pine on private lands through plantings, prescribed fire and other management treatments within priority areas in Mississippi and Louisiana, benefiting gopher tortoise, northern bobwhite and Bachman’s sparrow. Project will help address long-term prescribed fire capacity issues as well as provide financial assistance to landowners and contractors to offset some of the costs associated with managing fire-maintained habitats, resulting in improved management longleaf pine forests.