Puerto Rico

Institute for Socio-Ecological Research
Improving Resilience for Land-based Coral and Sea Urchin Nurseries in Puerto Rico
Increase capacity and efficiency of land-based coral and sea urchin nurseries to grow outplants for coral reef restoration. Project will upgrade and expand current nursery infrastructure to increase their resilience to storm disruptions and increase capacity to address disease outbreaks.

Institute for Socio-Ecological Research
Establishing a Land-based Coral Nursery to Increase Coral Restoration for Culebra, Puerto Rico
Develop a land-based coral nursery for the east coast of Puerto Rico. Project will provide thousands of coral micro-fragments to coral reef restoration efforts occurring in the Canal Luis Pena Natural Reserve.

Protectores de Cuencas
Building Coastal Communities Resilience in Culebra Island (PR)
Design a fringing reef to restore and expand seagrass and mangrove habitats to reduce current flood risks and adapt to projected sea-level rise. Project will improve residents’ access to critical infrastructure, enhance marine ecosystem habitats, engage government agencies, municipal government, and local communities in project design, implementation and subsequent monitoring and care.

Protectores de Cuencas
Building Capacity for Coral Reef Restoration and Monitoring in Culebra (PR)
Restore the functionality of sediment mitigation infrastructure and build capacity for future coral reef conservation work in Culebra. Project will address land-based sources of pollution entering the Ensenada Honda Bay by restoring the largest sediment basin in the watershed and establish a field station for ongoing projects.

Sea Ventures
Vessel Removal and Reef Restoration on La Parguera Reef (PR)
Prevent further damage to coral reef from a vessel grounding along west coast of Puerto Rico. Project will complete a vessel salvage operation, conduct a damage assessment to the coral within the vessel scar and conduct reattachment and restoration where possible through triage efforts.