American Forest Foundation
Engaging Family Forest Landowners to Support Sustainable Forest Management Practices (TN)
Engage private landowners with outreach and technical assistance to restore and enhance 1,600 acres of white oak and shortleaf pine habitat in the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee. Project will assist private landowners with prescribed burning on 600 acres of shortleaf pine and improve habitat through treatment of invasive species and timber stand improvement on 200 acres of shortleaf pine and 800 acres of white oak, benefiting prairie warbler, northern bobwhite and several bat species.

Cumberland River Compact
Restoring Abandoned and Legacy Mine Lands in the Cumberland River Basin (KY, TN)
Engage private landowners to restore forest habitat on abandoned and legacy coal mine sites in the Cumberland River Basin in Kentucky and Tennessee. Project will implement restoration practices developed by the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative, resulting in restored riparian buffers, improved steam habitat, and the establishment of bird and pollinator habitats.

Green Interchange
Watershed Education and Riparian Restoration Garrison Creek (TN)
Restore 1,750 linear feet of upper Garrison Creek’s riparian forest to establish urban wildlife corridors with increased habitat for pollinators, small mammals and bird species. Project will enhance stormwater Restore 1,750 linear feet of upper Garrison Creek’s riparian forest to establish urban wildlife corridors with increased habitat for pollinators, small mammals and bird species. Project will enhance stormwater

Paint Rock Forest Research Center
Southern Cumberlands Shortleaf Pine Seed and Seedling Initiative (AL, GA, TN)
Address the lack of genetically appropriate shortleaf pine seed and seedling resources for reforestation and restoration. Project will identify appropriate seed banks within Tennessee and Alabama; collect seeds to support three years of propagation; send seeds to processing and storage centers; select appropriate nurseries for propagation; produce over 75,000 seedlings ready for distribution to vetted projects in the second year of the grant; and develop plans for a permanent seed orchard.

Pheasants Forever
Increasing Landowner Habitat Management with a Habitat Specialist Crew (TN)
Increase landowner technical assistance in the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee to restore and enhance more than 1,600 acres of shortleaf pine woodland and savanna habitat. Project will deploy a habitat specialist crew to implement prescribe burns and timber stand improvement treatments, remove invasive species, and plant shortleaf pine and oak seedlings, benefiting northern bobwhite, prairie warbler and other woodland and savanna-dependent species.

Pheasants Forever
Restore Shortleaf Pine Forest and Grassland Ecosystems on Private Lands (AL, TN)
Increase landowner outreach and technical assistance, including engagement of historically underserved landowners, in the Cumberland Plateau region to accelerate adoption of Farm Bill programs and practices to restore shortleaf pine and other woodland and savanna ecosystems. Project will restore 1,100 acres of habitat through the use of prescribed fire, forest thinning and invasive species removal, benefiting northern bobwhite, Bachman’s sparrow and other forest and grassland dependent species.

Tennessee Aquarium
Removing Fish Passage Barriers and Improving Water Quality on the Cumberland Plateau (TN)
Replace a failing culvert on Duskin Creek, provide technical assistance to agricultural landowners to implement conservation practices, and monitor fish response to stream habitat improvements in Bledsoe, Rhea, and Sequatchie counties, Tennessee. Project will engage 150 landowners to adopt conservation practices on 200 acres of cropland, and remove a fish passage barrier to improve water quality and habitat connectivity for the endangered Laurel Dace and other at-risk fish species.

The Nature Conservancy
Conserve Peach Creek Forest Habitat for the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge (TX)
Acquire nearly 5,000 acres of contiguous, high quality river bottom forest along the San Bernard River near Wharton, Texas. Project will support a great diversity of wildlife, serving as a home to more than 400 different resident and migratory species and increasing habitat within the federally protected San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge.

University of Georgia Research Foundation
Nature-Based Restoration of Shoals in the Conasauga River (GA, TN)
Restore three shoals in the in the Upper Conasauga River mainstem through the addition of logs and the re-establishment of American water willow and riverweed. Project will improve habitat quality for imperiled fishes and mussels within the Conasauga River, a hot spot for freshwater biodiversity, and provide information essential to the management and conservation of target species.

Chattanooga Creek Education, Litter Abatement and Nature-based Infrastructure (TN, GA)
Provide environmental workshops for community adults, monitor microplastics, E. coli, and chemical parameters of water quality and install nature-based infrastructure and trees in neighborhoods to combat environmental injustice in the Chattanooga Creek Watershed. Project will remove over 1 ton of litter from watershed, and compile data for one year leading to long-term litter reduction plan while educating over 200 4th graders.