Greenpoint and Newtown Creek | Credit: Mitch Waxman
  • Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund
    The Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) is a $19.5 million grant program created by the New York State Attorney General’s Office and Department of Environmental Conservation (the State). Funding for the GCEF was obtained by the State in a settlement with ExxonMobil over oil and related environmental contamination at its Greenpoint, Brooklyn facility and in the surrounding community.
    The goal of GCEF is to secure significant environmental improvements in Greenpoint, and more specifically:
    • To support projects that address the Greenpoint community’s environmental priorities, such as improving water quality, groundwater, open space, toxic pollution, and air quality.
    • To engage and partner with the Greenpoint community in a transparent and objective grantmaking process, ensuring the community has a direct, continuing role in guiding GCEF’s development and implementation.
    GCEF is administered for the State through a partnership between the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Greenpoint-based North Brooklyn Development Corporation. 
    How do I get more information about GCEF?
    This site is designed to provide in-depth applicant information. For more information about GCEF and how to get involved in "greening" Greenpoint:



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