NFWF Grant Profile

Conservation Program(s):
Southern California Forests and Watersheds
Project Title: Improving Fish Passage by Removing Three Road Crossing Barriers in Los Padres National Forest (CA)
Earth Island Institute, Inc.
Project ID:

Remove three road crossings that are an aquatic passage barrier for southern steelhead trout within federally designated critical habitat in the Manzana Creek watershed in the Zaca Fire Scar of Los Padres National Forest. Project will replace two crossings with clear span vehicular bridges to improve safe access for public use and the third barrier will be restored to a naturalized creek channel, opening more then three miles of stream and restoring almost 0.5 acres of habitat.

Award Amount:
Two barriers are located on Davy Brown Creek and one on Munch Creek in the Zaca Fire Scar of Los Padres National Forest, California