NFWF Grant Profile

Conservation Program(s):
National Coastal Resilience Fund
Project Title: Collaborative Coastal Resilience Planning in Jefferson County (TX)
Community In-Power and Development Association Inc.
Project ID:

Integrate community knowledge with multidisciplinary community planning, through a diverse partnership of local stakeholders, community planners, landscape architects, green infrastructure experts, and hydrologists. Project will develop a plan, priorities and strategies for building coastal resilience in West Port Arthur with a focus on nature-based solutions that protect human life while improving the region’s endangered and threatened wildlife habitats.

Award Amount:
The project location is the coastal city of Port Arthur – population 55,280 - home to the 125,000 acre Sabine National Wildlife Refuge and a number of oil and chemical refineries, with replicable plans for similarly affected cities of Beaumont, Orange and others in the wider Texas Gulf Coast region.