NFWF Grant Profile

Conservation Program(s):
National Coastal Resilience Fund
Project Title: Port Fourchon Terracing and Living Shoreline Project (LA)
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Project ID:

Construct earthen terraces, plant black mangroves and smooth cordgrass, and install a living shoreline protection feature in fragmented, deteriorated marsh adjacent to Port Fourchon in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. Project will enhance and protect 500 acres of salt marsh and contribute to the resiliency of critical infrastructure in Port Fourchon, such as a section of Highway 1 that leads to Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Award Amount:
The project area of this proposal is located in southeast Louisiana in the southern portion of Lafourche Parish. It is adjacent to Port Fourchon where Highway 1 meets the Gulf of Mexico. The location is often referred to as Caminada Headlands and is approximately two miles north of the Gulf.