NFWF Grant Profile

Conservation Program(s):
National Coastal Resilience Fund
Project Title: Enhancing Flood Mitigation Through Invasive Species Control for a Resilient Ala Wai Watershed (HI)
State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources
Project ID:

Mitigate flood risks in the Ala Wai watershed on Oahu by controlling invasive plant species, albizia and mulesfoot fern, and accelerating the complete eradication of miconia from O'ahu. Project will control and monitor an estimated 1,000 albizia trees across 669 acres, treat all miconia plants detected during surveys across 4,000 acres, and treat mule's foot ferns across 200 acres.

Award Amount:
The Ala Wai watershed is 12,000 acres in the State of Hawaii, island of Oahu, City & County of Honolulu. This large-scale project comprehensively addresses the invasives problem in 4,000 acres- targeting the uplands where forests remain, and benefiting the urbanized areas and coral reefs downstream.