NFWF Grant Profile

Conservation Program(s):
National Coastal Resilience Fund
Project Title: Salinas River Lagoon Community Engagement and Planning Project (CA)
Monterey County Water Resources Agency
Project ID:

Build on existing plans by engaging stakeholders and surrounding communities to develop a portfolio of nature-based methods to reduce flood risk and improve resiliency in the Salinas River Lagoon. Project will evaluate existing conditions in the Lagoon with respect to flood control structures, land use, bathymetry, sensitive habitats and species, wave dynamics, and/or sediment transport; and prioritize nature-based or hybrid strategies and projects to support flood prevention and resilience.

Award Amount:
The Lagoon is located on the Central Coast of CA in Monterey County. It is fed by the 180-mile-long Salinas River which flows northwest through the county. The lagoon is connected to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary via a slide gate into the OSR or the intermittently open sandbar.