NFWF Grant Profile

Conservation Program(s):
National Coastal Resilience Fund
Project Title: Creating a Coastal Resilience Plan for Lummi Reservation (WA)
Lummi Indian Business Council
Project ID:

Develop a coastal resilience strategy and project priority plan for the Lummi Reservation. Project will address high priority items identified in the Lummi Nation Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan 2016-2026 related to flood risk, water quality, salmon and shellfish harvest, instream flow, and protection of potable groundwater systems, and create a planning document will be developed prioritizing strategies.

Award Amount:
The project includes the Lummi Reservation in northwest Washington State, approximately eight miles west of Bellingham. It is located along the western border of Whatcom County and at the southern extent of Georgia Strait and the northern extent of Puget Sound in a NFWF Resilience Hub.