NFWF Grant Profile

Conservation Program(s):
Southern Great Plains
Project Title: Strengthening Habitat Resilience and Management in the Southern Plains (CO; KS; NE; NM; OK; TX)
The Mule Deer Foundation
Project ID:

Build a Southern Great Plains Habitat Initiative to improve habitat conditions for mule deer and other wildlife, assist private landowners with practices which will improve grasslands and range conditions on their properties, create climate resilient landscapes, and increase carbon sequestration through the increased native vegetation within the Initiative area. Project will contribute to lesser prairie chicken recovery and conservation and grassland restoration.

Award Amount:
Project locations will be within the range of mule deer in the Southern Great Plains (KS, CO, OK, TX, NM, and NE) and be determined by overlapping priorities and coordination with MDF partners including private landowners, state agencies, and federal agencies.