Grants Library

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supports vital conservation projects across the United States and its territories. Please search our grants library for additional information on individual grants.

Year Name Organization Location Award Amount
2019 Protecting and Monitoring Townsend’s Shearwater in the Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico Grupo de Ecologia y Conservacion de Islas, A.C. Revillagigedo Archipelago is comprised by four islands: Socorro (13,033 ha), Clarión (1,957 ha), San Benedicto and Roca Partida. It is located 460 km south of Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico. It hosts over 117 vascular plants (31 endemic), four endemic reptiles, and 103 birds (9 endemic, two extinct). $260,000.00
2019 Increasing On-the-Ground Capacity to Improve Shorebird Habitat (LA) Manomet, Inc. Agricultural lands within the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Chenier Plain and Mississippi River Coastal Wetlands in Louisiana
2019 Updating Plowprint to Identify Grassland Restoration Opportunities (IA, CO, KS, NE, NM, OK) World Wildlife Fund, Inc. Select Counties in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and two Canadian provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan)
2019 Surveying Occupancy and Habitat Use of Rio Grande Cooter within the Pecos River Watershed (NM, TX) Eastern New Mexico University 16 locations in Texas and 16 locations in New Mexico within the Pecos Watershed $150,000.00
2019 Surveying and Treating Elodea-Infested Waters in Sucker Lake, southcentral Alaska Alaska Department of Natural Resources The Sucker Lake Complex is located within the Alexander Creek Watershed in Southcentral Alaska. The 209,362 acre watershed drains into the Susitna River Basin which drains into the the Cook Inlet. This watershed contains the only two lakes containing Elodea on the West side of the Cooke Inlet. $49,807.50
2019 Parking Lot to Dunescape Conversion (CT) SoundWaters, Inc. Boccuzzi Park, Stamford, Connecticut $347,370.94
2019 Restoration of Degraded Chaparral Within the Piru Fire, Los Padres National Forest (CA) - Phase III University of California - Santa Barbara Piru Fire Scar of Los Padres National Forest, California $279,116.37
2019 Investigating Nutrient Loading from Wood River to Inform Water Quality Improvement Projects (OR) General Klamath Tribal Administration Wood River Valley, Klamath County, Oregon. $50,000.00
2019 Riparian and Habitat Restoration at Pequest Wildlife Management Area (NJ) North Jersey RC&D Area Inc. Independence Township, Warren County, New Jersey. $221,993.20
2019 Construction of a Predator Exclusion Fence to Benefit Seabirds in Honopu Valley, Kauai Pacific Rim Conservation Honopu Valley, Kauai, Hawaii