NFWF and ConocoPhillips: 25 Years of Partnership

ConocoPhillips and NFWF began working together in 1999 to advance the conservation of birds and other wildlife. Working through the ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation Program, the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Fund, the Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative and NFWF’s Western Big Game Migrations Program, this partnership has supported the conservation of more than 500,000 acres of important bird habitat, spurred advances in bird monitoring and polar bear and beluga whale research, and helped restore movement corridors for pronghorn, mule deer and other western wildlife.

For 25 years, ConocoPhillips has been a steadfast partner to NFWF in conserving natural habitats and sustaining birds and other wildlife. Learn more about how NFWF and ConocoPhillips collaborate to conserve wildlife and improve ecosystem health.