The IDEA Edge

NFWF’s expertise in all aspects of the conservation funding process allows us and our partners to maximize the effectiveness of environmental-impact dollars.

We bring to all projects under our management:

  • The confidence of working with a Congressionally-chartered foundation, specifically charged with the administration of monies to “further the conservation and management of fish, wildlife, plants, and other natural resources” of the United States (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act, 16 U.S.C. §3701 et seq.).
  • Efficiencies gained from NFWF's streamlined operations, which have been specifically tuned to the funding of conservation and natural resource projects.
  • Access to NFWF's portfolio of conservation projects and initiatives, allowing easy identification of potentially appropriate funding recipients.
  • Credibility of partnering with a trusted third party. NFWF has worked diligently for over a quarter century to establish its proven track record of accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness in the conservation funding arena.
  • Financial management expertise, provided by NFWF's outside investment advisors and focused on generating optimal investment income within the parameters established by our partners or through governing documents.
  • Availability of NFWF's technical and program management expertise, including in conducting Requests for Proposals and in applicant oversight.