Recycle With Fishing for Energy

Below are instructions on how to add your name to a list of recycling or energy-to-waste facilities for grantees to collaborate with​.

Fishing for Energy’s new program model allows applicants to develop a recycling program tailored to their community needs, and expands the number and type of recyclers applicants can partner with.

If you are a recycler or an energy-from-waste facility interested in collaborating with a bin applicant, we can add your information to the list of potential groups that applicants can contact as they develop a plan for their site. As applicants develop their plans for recycling their Fishing for Energy materials, they may contact you to explore the option.

Please note before requesting to be added to this list that:

  • ​A wide variety of materials are disposed of in Fishing for Energy bins including pots, nets, ropes and buoys, etc. These materials are NOT clean. They have been used in the ocean for some time and they reflect that environment significantly. Some gear can also come from removal efforts and have significant bio-fouling. One of the advantages of the Fishing for Energy bin program is that it is convenient and easy for the fishing community and host ports because there is no sorting, cleaning or prepping of material. You must be prepared to accept material as is or work with the port to get the material you accept in a way that maintains ease of use.
  • A requirement of the Fishing for Energy bin program is that materials are recycled and not left to a landfill. A port may not be interested in working with you if you only accept a small subset of what they are likely to collect. A port may be willing to allow you to access the bin to look for specific materials for reuse depending on the size of your operation, or it may not due to liability concerns and time constraints.

If you are able to accommodate these conditions, and would like to be added as an option on the application, please email, Fishing for Energy Program Manager, with a one paragraph overview of your recycling process and how you will work with an applicant to make this process easy and convenient for them. Please be sure to include your company name, website (if available), contact name, email, phone number and geographic range, as well as the type of material you accept and volume requirements/restrictions, if any.