PG&E's NRT: The First Five Years An Exploratory Evaluation (July 2006)


This evaluation assessed the Nature Restoration Trust (NRT), a partnership program of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) which provides grants to support community-based conservation efforts throughout PG&E’s service area.  The purpose of this evaluation was to examine the conservation, education and capacity building components of the NRT program portfolio projects and note what the projects’ accomplishments suggest about future directions for the NRT program and community-based conservation in general. Evaluation questions were addressed using four primary research methods, including an analysis of environmental education and evaluation literature, stakeholder interviews, a telephone survey of grantees, and site visits of projects. Based on the findings, key evaluation recommendations included fostering community building through increased communication between program staff and grantees, providing technical assistance for grantees to improve their ability to credibly measure project impacts, and providing opportunities for networking among grantees.


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PG&E's Nature Restoration Trust The First Five Years An Exploratory Evaluation (Adobe PDF File)