​Stages of Evaluation

Stage 1. Conceptualize

Convene stakeholders to clarify the conservation need, establish the goal, and identify key threats.

Stage 2. Plan Actions and Monitoring

Identify priority geographies, strategies, outcomes, and metrics for gauging progress.

Assess key risks to success and incorporate mitigating strategies.

Stage 3. Implement Actions and Monitoring

Incorporate information gathered in Stages 1 and 2 into the development of a business plan.

Invest in grant projects that are aligned with our strategies.

Stage 4. Analyze, Use, Adapt

Assess our grantmaking processes and progress towards conservation goals.

Adapt grantmaking strategies in response to our findings.

Stage 5. Capture and Share Learning

We communicate what we learn with internal and external audiences through:


 Feature Story

In the Southwest, new hope for grassland species.