Chesapeake Bay

Third-Party Evaluations

Chesapeake Bay

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has commissioned third-party experts to conduct in-depth evaluations of our conservation programs. The external evaluators assess the program’s design, implementation, and/or effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes, and recommend any changes necessary for ensuring future success.

Great Lakes Business Plan Midpoint Evaluation (2022) Download
Pacific Seabird Program Conservation Impact Assessment (2021) Download
Fisheries Innovation Fund: Baseline Survey Estimates of Fishermen Well-Being and Diffusion of Innovations in the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Fishery and the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery (2021) Download
Evaluation of Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund's Small Watershed Grants Program (2019) Download
Survey of Delaware River Watershed Initiative (2019) Download
Evaluation of Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resilience Program (2019) Download
Evaluation of the Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund’s Innovative Nutrient and Sediment Reduction (INSR) Program (2017) Download
An Evaluation of Acres for America (2015) Download
Evaluation of NFWF's Fisheries Innovation Fund (2014) Download
Evaluation of NFWF's Pacific Seabird Program (2014) Download
An Evaluation of Sustain Our Great Lakes (2013) Download
Long Island Sound Futures Fund (2013) Download
Pulling Together Initiative (2009) Download
Power of Flight and Longleaf Legacy Programs (2008) Download
Chesapeake Bay Small Watershed Grants Program (2007) Download
Columbia Basin Water Transactions Program (2007) Download
Bureau of Land Management Funded Projects (2005) Download
Conservation Easement and Capacity Grant Building Program (2005) Download
Fisheries Benefits Arising from the Repair, Replacement and Removal of Culverts for Selected Projects (2004) Download
Forest Management Research on Birds (2004) Download