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Full Proposal Summary

Bighorn sheep

Below is an outline of the content of the Foundation's baseline full proposal application. Depending upon the funding opportunity, there may be variations in required fields, instructions, and attachments. Fields previously completed in the pre-proposal will be pre-populated. This is to help applicants prepare for on-line submission; do not submit this document to the Foundation. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Organizational Information

Organization Name *
EIN/Tax ID *
City *
State/Province * (choose from a picklist)
Country * (choose from a picklist)
Type * (choose from a picklist)
U.S. Congressional District of Organization *
Organization Web Address
Organization General Email Address

Primary Contact Information

Name *
Position Title
Address *
Phone *
Email *

Project Information

Grant Amount Being Requested from NFWF *
Matching Amount Proposed *
Designation as to whether or not funds requested may be applied to real estate transaction
Projected Grant Start Date *
Projected Grant End Date *
Project Title/Name * - Limit to 300 characters (including spaces)
Two Sentence Project Description * - Limit to 1000 characters (including spaces)
Project Abstract * - Limit to 1500 characters (including spaces)
Project Keywords *

Project Location

Project Location Country(s)
Project Location States/Territories/Provinces
Project Location U.S. Congressional Districts
Project Location Description * - Limit to 300 characters (including spaces)

Conservation Activities and Metrics

Proposed Activity *
Activity Metric *
Value at Grant Completion *

Conservation Outcomes and Metrics

Proposed Outcome *
Outcome Metric *
Baseline Value *
Value at Grant Completion *
Long Term Goal Value *
Year Long Term Value Anticipated to Be Achieved *

Budget *
Applicants are required to submit a detailed, line-item budget that breaks down how the request from the Foundation would be spent if awarded. The line items included are: Salaries and Benefits, Equipment, Contractual Services, Supplies and Materials, Travel, Other Direct Costs, and Indirect Costs. For each line item, the applicant must provide the # of units, cost per unit and a description (limit to 1500 characters, including spaces).

Matching Contributions
For each matching contribution, the following information is required:

Matching Contribution Amount *
Matching Contribution Type * (choose from a picklist)
Matching Contribution Source *
Matching Contribution Source Type * (choose from a picklist)
Matching Contribution Status * (choose from a picklist)
Matching Contribution Description/Notes * - Limit to 200 characters (including spaces)

Permits and Approvals
Applicants are asked to describe any necessary permits or approvals associated with the proposed project. Fields required for any permit or approval are: Date submitted or approved, agency contact person, status, and a brief narrative description (limit to 500 characters, including spaces).

Full Proposal Uploads
Depending upon the funding opportunity and the applicant's current financial standing with the Foundation, a variety of documents will be required for submission. These requirements and a mechanism for uploading them into the full proposal application are provided here. The Foundation provides templates as applicable. Below is a list of documents that are typically requested:

Full Proposal Narrative Upload *
This is a Word document that is downloaded by the applicant completed, and then uploaded into the application. This document is subject to change depending upon the funding opportunity. The baseline instructions are as follows:

Instructions: Save this document on your computer and complete the narrative in the format provided below. The final narrative should not exceed six (6) pages; do not delete the text provided below. Once complete, upload this document into the online application as instructed.

  1. Long-Term Conservation Outcome(s): Elaborate on the long-term conservation outcome(s) summarized previously in the application; discuss what makes this outcome(s) achievable and important.

  2. Threats and/or Opportunities: Elaborate on the relationship of threats and/or opportunities to the long-term conservation outcome(s) and describe which of these threats and/or opportunities will be addressed in the project.

  3. Activities: Elaborate on the primary activities that will be employed through the grant. Explain how these activities address the threats, opportunities and/or conservation outcome(s) described above. How do these activities relate to established plans (management, conservation, recovery, etc.)?

  4. Outcomes and Indicators: Describe the general monitoring approach that will be used to assess progress on one or more of the indicators presented previously in the application. Please note any challenges or limitations you anticipate in conducting this monitoring or the interpretation of anticipated results.

  5. Project Team: List key individuals and describe their qualifications relevant for project implementation.

  6. Other (Optional): Provide any further information important for the review of this proposal.

Project Location Map

Project Staff Qualifications 

Statement of any Litigation *

Applicant Organization Board of Trustees *

Fiscal documents
These will vary depending upon the organization type and documents already on file with the Foundation but, may include an applicant organization's IRS Form 990, most recent GAAP audited financial statements, and a Single Audit.

Other Document Uploads
This section allows applicants to submit Funding Opportunity-specific requirements identified by the Foundation or documents that the applicant feels are relevant to the review of their submission. These may include, letters of support, real estate documents, monitoring plans, photos, etc.

Peer Reviewers


This page allows applicants to provide contact information for third party reviewers who will be contacted to submit reviews of the proposed project. The number and type of reviewers required will vary by Funding Opportunity. The baseline version of the full proposal requires a total of five external reviews representing each of the following categories: Federal, State/local government, Institution of Higher Education, Non-profit Organization, and Resource/Industry. Fields required for each reviewer include: Type, Name, Organization, Position Title, Address, Phone, and Email.

If you have questions concerning your application, please contact the staff member listed in your RFP. You can also email