Taco Bell supports NFWF programs focused on implementing voluntary, rancher-led practices to improve water management and restore wildlife habitat across the Intermountain West, a vast area stretching from the Colorado Rockies to the Great Basin.


Taco Bell and NFWF began working with ranchers to improve grazing lands management in 2023 as part of Taco Bell’s commitment to being good stewards of the environment. This partnership will bring together ranchers and conservation organizations to implement voluntary land management practices, improve water management, restore wildlife habitat and generate carbon benefits across a vast region stretching from the Colorado Rockies to the Great Basin, including portions of seven states: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.
Taco Bell supports NFWF programs that are designed to engage a network of on-the-ground partners, such as livestock associations, rancher-led collaboratives, universities, state wildlife agencies, and conservation non-profits as they work to implement proven strategies for improving rangeland management, including prescribed grazing and invasive species control. Science-based conservation projects help restore seasonally wet meadows, remove invasive grasses, and provide technical assistance to ranchers to manage rangelands for their herds while also benefiting fish and wildlife.