Corporate Partners

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation works with dozens of America’s leading corporations to implement their philanthropic conservation strategies. We collaborate with each partner on goals and actions, investing funds in priority conservation projects that ensure the highest impact. NFWF administers an environmental grant portfolio for each corporate partner, basing awards on sound science and measurable outcomes.

Through partnerships with NFWF, corporations can:

  • Maximize their return on investment and increase their conservation impact through leverage (NFWF typically matches contributions 3:1)

  • Meet their sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals

  • Improve employee morale through volunteer engagement

  • Improve competitiveness in the marketplace

  • Increase their exposure to natural resource agencies

  • Increase their options for corporate involvement in policy issues and engage public interest regarding natural resources sustainability issues.

Is your corporation interested in partnering with NFWF? Contact Peter Hage, corporate relations senior director, and Michael Moerschbaecher, corporate relations director. 


NFWF Corporate Partners