In partnership with NFWF, Walmart’s Acres for America conservation program has helped to protect more than 2.1 million acres of vital wildlife habitat across the nation since its creation in 2005.

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Walmart and NFWF began working together to sustain and enhance wildlife populations and natural habitats with the creation of the Acres for America conservation program in 2005. Originally designed to offset Walmart’s retail footprint by protecting an equivalent acreage of natural habitats, the program has far surpassed that goal to become one of the most successful public-private land conservation partnerships in the history of the United States. To date, the program has helped to protect 2 million acres across the country.

This conservation partnership supports NFWF’s efforts to protect wildlife migratory routes, conserve and enhance natural habitats at a landscape scale, open new lands to public access, and implement conservation on working lands such as ranches and timberlands.