TransRe supports the National Coastal Resilience Fund as it restores natural infrastructure to strengthen and protect coastal communities, and also enhances habitats for fish and wildlife.

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Since 2018, TransRe has worked with NFWF through the National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF) partnership. Together the goal is to restore, increase and strengthen natural infrastructure in order to reduce risks to coastal communities, and at the same time to enhance habitats for native fish and wildlife.

To date, NCRF projects include the restoration and expansion of natural features such as coastal marshes and wetlands, dune and beach systems, oyster and coral reefs, forests, coastal rivers, and barrier islands. So far, NCRF funding has enhanced, rebuilt, or restored more than 11,900 acres of coastal habitat, and provided enhanced protection to over 98,000 properties as well as 2,400 critical facilities and infrastructure.  

TransRe (the brand name for Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Transatlantic Reinsurance Company) is a reinsurer headquartered in New York with 24 offices worldwide. TransRe is wholly owned by Alleghany Corporation.