Crown Family Philanthropies

The Crown Family supports the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund, which invests in the health and vitality of the communities, waterways and natural resources of the Chicago/Calumet region, and a new funder collaboration under the Sustain Our Great Lakes program, which will enhance habitat and water quality in Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan watershed.

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The Crown Family and NFWF began working together to improve the health, vitality and accessibility of the waterways in the Chicago and Calumet region by supporting green stormwater infrastructure, habitat enhancement and public-use improvements through the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund in 2013, and helped to launch the Wisconsin Fund under the Sustain Our Great Lakes program in 2019. To date, the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund has increased stormwater storage capacity by 5.3 million gallons; enhanced 2,040 acres of riparian, wetland and upland habitat; and added or improved 92 acres of public park and green space. 

The Chi-Cal Rivers Fund and Wisconsin Fund support NFWF’s efforts to improve habitat and water quality throughout the bi-national Great Lakes region through stream and riparian habitat restoration, wetland and upland habitat restoration, invasive species control and green stormwater infrastructure for the benefit of both wildlife and communities.