The Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation supports the Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund, which increases the resilience of communities and natural resources in Southeast Michigan by reducing the impact of urban flooding caused by climate change and stormwater, by improving water quality, enhancing habitat, and increasing the accessibility and usability of public green space and natural areas.

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The Kresge Foundation and NFWF began working together to increase the climate resilience of communities and natural resources in Southeast Michigan through the Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund in 2018. The fund invests in green stormwater infrastructure to reduce urban flooding, improve water quality and green space for communities, and ecological restoration to enhance the quality and connectivity of habitat for wildlife and increase public access to and use of natural areas. To date, the program has added 2.4 million gallons of stormwater storage, restored or enhanced 733 acres of wildlife habitat, created or improved 16 acres of neighborhood green space, and reached 9,500 people through engagement or education.

This conservation partnership supports NFWF’s efforts to improve habitat and water quality throughout the bi-national Great Lakes region through habitat restoration, invasive species control and green stormwater infrastructure for the benefit of both wildlife and communities.