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Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund

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The Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund is a public-private partnership that increases the resilience of communities and natural resources in Southeast Michigan by reducing the impact of stormwater, improving water quality, enhancing habitat, and increasing the accessibility and usability of public green space and natural areas. These actions help communities prepare for intensifying environmental stressors related to development, climate, invasive species, nonpoint source pollution and other factors.


The Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund supports projects in the seven-county region of Southeast Michigan, including St. Clair, Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston, and Monroe counties. Approximately $1.2 million is awarded annually. Individual grants typically range from $50,000 to $300,000. 

By investing in green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) solutions, the Fund seeks to reduce flooding and other threats associated with major storm events, while also creating safe, dynamic, and enjoyable public green spaces that improve habitat values for wildlife and quality of life for residents. By restoring the region’s unique natural areas, the Fund seeks to enhance the quality and connectivity of habitat for wildlife, improve the ability of these habitats to withstand and absorb the impact of environmental stressors, and make nature more accessible for people.

Grants are awarded in two categories:

  1. Expanding Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Enhancing Public Space: The Fund supports GSI projects that improve stormwater capture and storage to reduce runoff, combined sewer overflows, basement backups and flooding. GSI projects must be designed with a dual purpose; to increase stormwater storage capacity while also enhancing the quality of, access to, and/or use of community green space or natural areas.
  2. Improving Habitat Quality, Connectivity and Enhancing Public Space: The Fund supports habitat restoration projects that improve the quality and connectivity of in-stream, riparian, upland, and wetland habitats throughout Southeast Michigan. Habitat projects must be designed with a dual purpose, to restore habitat while also improving public access to and/or use-opportunities of natural areas throughout the region.

Since 2018, The Fund awarded 28 grants totaling $6.1 million. Together, these projects are:

  • Adding 11 million gallons of stormwater storage
  • Restoring and enhancing more than 870 acres of wildlife habitat
  • Developing or improving 40 public access points to natural areas and parks

Application Information

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