California Poppies ​| Credit: Brian Gratwicke

Evaluation Reports

Third-Party Program Evaluations

Since 2004, NFWF has commissioned third party experts to conduct in-depth evaluations of our Conservation Programs. The external evaluators assess the program’s design, implementation, and/or effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes, and recommend any changes necessary for ensuring future success.

Internal Program Assessments

On a periodic basis, NFWF conducts internal assessments of our Conservation Programs to gauge interim progress and learn what is working and what is not. We use this information to adaptively manage our programs and inform future decision making. The assessments evaluate the initiative’s implementation progress, conservation progress, and long-term sustainability of progress made. The assessments also highlight broader impacts of our work and describe lessons learned.

For the assessment, NFWF’s Senior Evaluation Officer reviews grant project proposals and reports, interviews NFWF staff, grantees and key partners, examines available results, and compares data collected from these sources against the goals identified in the program's business plan. Using the assessment results, changes are recommended, if needed, to improve effectiveness, and next steps are suggested for the program. These assessments are an internal decision making tool. For more information, please contact NFWF’s Senior Evaluation Officer or Director of Conservation Planning and Evaluation.


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