NFWF and ConocoPhillips: Celebrating 25 Years of Partnership

American avocet and chick

In 2024, NFWF and ConocoPhillips are celebrating 25 years of conservation partnership. This effective and enduring collaboration began with a focus on conserving bird populations, by providing essential grant funding through the ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation Program. A collaboration among ConocoPhillips, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NFWF, this program has helped improve the quality and connectivity of important bird habitats and accelerated innovations for understanding bird conservation needs across their ranges. The partnership has expanded over the past quarter century to advance vital conservation strategies for a broad array of wildlife, through additional programs that include the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Fund, Delaware Estuary Grants Program, Western Big Game Seasonal Habitat and Migration Corridors Fund, and the Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative.

Watch: 25 years of conservation success


Since 1999, NFWF and ConocoPhillips have funded more than 200 grants together, leveraging private and public grant funds with matching contributions to achieve a total conservation impact that exceeds $100 million. Spanning 27 states and seven countries, this investment has catalyzed an astounding scope of conservation action. From restoring bird habitat across the Great Plains and along the coasts, to securing big game migratory corridors in the Rocky Mountains, to monitoring marine mammals in Alaska, to advancing innovative data tools, this partnership has strengthened and preserved populations of many imperiled species in the United States and across the world.

Check out the report linked below to learn about some of the remarkable on-the-ground conservation work this partnership has supported.