The Midwest Cover Crop Initiative is supported by ADM. The program provides technical assistance to farmers and supports large-scale adoption of cover crops across the Midwest. Through education, outreach, and technical assistance, the program enhances soil health, reduces atmospheric greenhouse gases and improves water resources, while also providing economic benefits to participating farmers.

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ADM and NFWF initiated the Midwest Cover Crop program in February 2022 to catalyze the adoption of cover crops by corn and soybean farmers in the Midwest. Through a targeted approach including outreach, education, technical assistance and economic incentives, the program supports the implementation of cover crops across a nine-state region. 

Cover crops are recognized as beneficial for improving soil retention, enhancing soil heath, reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases, and improving water resources. Every farm has unique characteristics and strategies for successfully planning and implementing cover crops, so technical assistance is a vital component of expanding its implementation.

Specifically, the partnership between NFWF and ADM will award grants that conduct targeted outreach and provide technical assistance to farmers; support the development of four-year contracts with farmers for cover crop plantings that will occur in 2022 and continue through 2025; coordinate targeted incentive payments to farmers; and monitor and report environmental and economic outcomes.