Covanta supports the Fishing for Energy conservation program, which has prevented over 4 million pounds of fishing gear from potentially entering U.S. coasts and waterways since 2008.


Covanta, a leader in sustainable waste management, and NFWF began working together to clean up U.S. waterways, and serve as a catalyst for innovation in gear technology and management solutions through the Fishing for Energy program in 2008. The Fishing for Energy partnership provides commercial fishermen with no-cost solutions to dispose of derelict and retired fishing gear, and offers competitive grants to reduce the impacts of derelict fishing gear on the environment. Fishing for Energy derelict fishing gear bin collection efforts alone have collected more than 4.5 million pounds of fishing gear. In addition to being a funding partner of the Fishing for Energy program, Covanta also provides in-kind support through its solid waste processing facilities.

This conservation partnership supports NFWF’s efforts to restore the quality of marine and coastal habitats and supports the communities and industries that rely on these resources.