General Mills supports projects that restore and enhance habitat for fish and wildlife in the Great Lakes Basin through the Sustain Our Great Lakes Program and in the Southern Great Plains through the Conservation Partners Program. The projects funded by General Mills help farmers accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture principles.

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General Mills and NFWF began working together in 2020 to accelerate the implementation of conservation practices that support regenerative agriculture on working lands. These projects will help farmers improve soil health and water quality and reduce green-house gas emissions while also enhancing habitat for fish and wildlife in the Great Lakes Basin and in the Southern Great Plains. Through this partnership, NFWF provides technical assistance to farmers in areas that supply important dairy and grain ingredients for General Mills products. The partnership supports agricultural management principles that can be utilized to improve local ecosystem health and increase resilience. Examples of conservation actions that are supported through these grants include: minimizing chronic disturbances to the soil and biological community;  maximizing the diversity of plants and animals; keeping the soil covered; and keeping a living root in the ground at all times.