Tools for Current Grantees

2019 Pennsylvania Local Government Implementation – New Grantee Webinar - An overview of NFWF's grant procedures for new Pennsylvania Local Government Implementation Grants grantees. View webinar slides here​.

Field Liaison Support​ - This document provides details and contact information concerning our Field Liaison support and services.

2019 Small Watershed Grants – New Grantee Webinar -An overview of NFWF's grant procedures for new Small Watershed Grants grantees.

Amendment Requests for Existing Grants - This page gives instructions for submitting a no-cost amendment within the Easygrants database.

Quality Assurance - For certain awarded grants, especially those involving data collection, that have Quality Assurance Statements (QAS) or language requiring project partners to complete a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) in their contracts. This page provides documents and explanation.

FieldDoc - ​FieldDoc was created to make it easy for restoration professionals to set goals, track progress, and measure the success of their best management practices (BMPs).

For assistance with EasyGrants, please contact your Grants Administrator.