Altria supports conservation programs in the Chesapeake Bay, Columbia Basin, Cumberland Plateau, and longleaf pine ecosystems to conserve water, restore aquatic habitats, and promote more sustainable agriculture.

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Altria and NFWF began working together to restore some of the nation’s most iconic bodies of water in 2009. The partnership began as an effort to address the impact of Altria’s supply chain on local water quality in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania and has since blossomed into a model of focused collaboration at the intersection of corporate responsibility and conservation need. Working now to restore the Chesapeake Bay, Columbia River basin and aquatic ecosystems within the Cumberland Plateau and piedmont regions of the southeastern United States, the partnership has leveraged more than $15 million in Altria funding into more than $145 million in total conservation impact in addition to water conservation outcomes measured in billions of gallons annually.